Our Mission

Valkyrie Apparel specializes in plus-sized clothing (Sizes 14 to 28) for women who don’t have much love for mainstream fashion. Because we feel strongly about inclusivity we also offer all our products in regular sizes as well as plus sizes.

Who are these women? Why aren’t they into mainstream stuff?

She might call herself a goth or a gamer. She might not. In her younger days she may have chosen clothing for its shock value, but now… now she just likes what she likes and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what’s in style. And club gear? No thank you, she’s got work in the morning. On the other hand the standard business casual look bores the heck out of her. Then while shopping for clothing that fits well she’s constantly thinking “This shirt would be awesome if it came in black” or “I’d wear that if it came in MY size.”

Sound like you?

Valkyrie Apparel’s product line will start with work appropriate options and then expand to clothing for your personal life. Our size range will always include 14 to 28 and we will strive to provide accurate sizing by including brand specific size charts on every product page.

Other promises:

  • No pastels
  • No circus tents
  • No mumus
  • No bedazzling
  • Fake pocket warnings.


Whether you’re happy with your body as is or working to lose pounds, you deserve clothing that fits and makes you feel comfortable. Mainstream fashion will always be out there, looming over us with its pink T-shirts covered in rhinestone kittens. It’s not going away, but we don’t have to wear it if we don’t want to.