Availability & Shipping

Most of our products are made to order

All orders are processed by us within 48 hours however manufacturing and shipping times will vary. We use two different manufacturing techniques that determine how long it will be before orders are shipped.

Print on Demand:

An existing garment is embellished after your order is placed. 

Ships in 1-2 weeks

Cut and Sew On Demand

Our manufacturing partners print our design onto fabric before cutting out the pattern and sewing the pieces together.

Ships in 3-4 weeks

Retail Items

We carry a small selection of retail items that are dropshipped from a vendor’s warehouse.

In stock items will generally ship 1-2 business days after we process your order.

Please click on the “Arrival Est” button on the product page of the item you are ordering for more details. 

Arrival times are approximate not guaranteed. (Some carriers only offer partial refunds if items are delayed excessively. If this occurs we will absolutely pass on to you.)

Shipping Times

Within the USA

Once we send the tracking number to you, your item is likely to arrive in 3-5 business days.

Arrival times are approximate not guaranteed.


Orders shipped outside the US are at the mercy of your local customs office as well as your country’s postal system. In general we ask you to allow for 2 weeks from the day we provide you with a tracking number.

Arrival times are approximate not guaranteed.

Holiday Shipping Deadlines

The following dares are estimates and not guaranteed. 

~ Arriving by 10/30

Print on Demand Items

  • USA Order Deadline: 10/08
  • International Order Deadline: 10/02

Print, Cut and Sew On Demand

  • USA Order Deadline: 9/18
  • International Order Deadline: 9/11

Winter Holidays
~ Arriving by 12/18

Print on Demand Items

  • USA Order Deadline: 11/20
  • International Order Deadline: 11/13

Print, Cut and Sew On Demand

  • USA Order Deadline: 11/06
  • International Order Deadline: 11/30

Taxes & Fees

Shipments Within the United States:

Valkyrie Apparel is located in Massachusetts, and we collect sales tax on certain items shipped in-state.

Apparel items are generally exempt from MA Sales Tax unless the individual item is worth more than $175.00.

A charge of 6.25% is added to the price of all jewelry & accessories when shipping to MA locations.

Read more about MA Sale Tax on the Department of Revenue website.

Shipments to Everywhere Else:

There is no easy way for us to predict all import taxes, duties, and fees from around the world. We tried, but there are just too many to keep up with. We are also not able to collect these taxes and pay them for you.

For this reason, customers outside of the US are responsible for paying import taxes, duties, and fees upon delivery. Contact your local postal service for details.