Q. What’s your size range?

A. Approximately size 6 to 28. (Or Small through 5x, sometimes slightly smaller. Sometimes slightly larger. But always THAT range at least.) Each manufacturer labels the clothes differently though, so we are using these numbers as a guideline. You know, like the pirate code…

Please check the size chart on each product page to be sure it will fit. Learn more about our size charts HERE.

Q. Why are so many of these models skinny?

A. Products that ship directly from the manufacturer keep our overheads low BUT I’m stuck with the images they give me until I can budget for a sample. In addition to that, we don’t expect professional models and a photographer to work for free. So we started our modeling credit program as a way to add diversity to our images without stretching the budget too thin.

As more people participate in the program more and more of the manufacturer images will get replaced. As we grow we hope to eliminate manufacturer photos from the catalog completely.

Q. Some of these clothes look normal but your site says it is for goths, metal heads or gamers. What gives?

A. The staff at Valkyrie Apparel knows this market inside and out because we are part of it. That said we know that some of our people also have jobs in offices and PTA meetings to go to. Additionally there are just some days that the full “look” is too much work and you just want a comfy sweater.

Q. I’m not a goth / gamer / or metal head… Can I shop here?

A. Hells yeah! This is a no-judgement space.

Q. Do you carry men’s wear?

A. If you identify as male, you like something we sell AND it will fit you, we sell men’s wear. Some of our wares are designed to fit women’s bodies. Some are built for men’s bodies. We offer both to everyone. Learn More.