Model for us!

Help us add diversity to our product photos!

We want to show what our wares look like on people of all shapes, sizes, colors, identities, alignments, and genres.

Send us a picture of you in your new duds and we’ll send you a gift card with a credit for each product in a qualifying photo.

TLDR: You buy + You model = MONEY

The Details Credit Amounts

How much you get will vary based on which permissions you give when you submit your photo.

  • Level 1:
    Permission to use your photo online = $10 credit per item
  • Level 2:
    Photo permission + permission to publish what size you wear = $20 credit per item
  • Level 3:
    Photo & Size Permission + Permission to publish your measurements = $35 credit per item
How to qualify for a credit
  • Photo must be submitted within 6 months of purchase date.
  • Must be a photo of you wearing a product purchased from us. (Either on this site or on Etsy.)
  • You must own the rights to the photo. (If it was taken by a professional photographer, you may not own these rights. Talk to them before submitting!)
  • Photos must be well lit and in focus.
  • No group photos. We don’t want to have to chase down permission from everyone.
  • Photo must be submitted via the form below. Photos posted on social media are awesome but are hard for us to keep track of.
Image Guidelines
  • Full body shots that show the front of the item are best. Try not to cover the product with your arms or lots of accessories.
  • Photos with partial nudity or lewd gestures may be edited because my family visits the site and I don’t want to deal.
  • Minimum dimensions: 300 x 300 pixels
  • Maximum size: 1MB
  • File Format: .PNG or .JPG are best
Need to hide your identity?

We can photoshop your face out of the picture for you. Just click yes on the form and we’ll take care of it. You will have final say over the published photo.

We also encourage creative solutions for disguising your identity but if you’re uninspired we made a somewhat creepy mask for you to download for free.

Download the mask


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