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There Are Still Perks Available!

Our campaign isn’t scheduled to end until June 18, 2017 11:59pm PDT! It’s coming up fast but there’s still time left.

Here are the perks that are still available! Grab them while you can.

PriceTitleIncluded Items
$5Our undying gratitudeThank You Message
$5Beautiful Like Me Notebook15% off coupon with no expiration & Beautiful Like Me Notebook
$15Burton Ring
$25Perky McPerkface
$25Viking Rubber Ducky
$25Punk Princess Tee – Discounted
$50Valkyrie T-Shirt
$603 tees for the cost of 2!Buy 2 T-Shirts Get 1 Free Coupon
$65Custom T-Shirt

PYP Tee: $30
$100Gift Certificate & Ducky Combo  
$100Custom Painted Mini

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