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Achievement Unlocked! Size-Inclusive Product Photos

Through dangers untold, and hardships unnumbered, and 6 months of whining and procrastinating I have fought my way to finishing Phase One of “Operation Size-Inclusive Product Photos”. There may still be kinks (the not-fun kind) to iron out, and pics I could redo… but in the end, I am happy with what I’ve accomplished.

The two completed product groups are the Empire Waist Dress and the Short Sleeve Tunic Dress.

What has changed? Why let me show you!

Products that fall into the aforementioned groups will be shown on a minimum of 5 different models.

Each of these pages now has two text links that look like this:

Shows that the View Size Chart & Model Measurements link is above the buy box,

If you click those links a window will open to display a size guide. Each size guide contains the manufacturer’s recommended size chart, photos of 5 or more models with their B-W-H measurements, fabric content & fit notes.

  • When you click the model pictures it will display their size, measurements and any comments they made about the sample they’re wearing in the pic.
  • Fabric content is there to give some context to…
  • Fit notes: Things to consider when choosing a size. These notes are based on product reviews, the model’s comments and our personal experiences with the product.

So what’s Phase 2? Another photoshoot! Stay tuned for details…