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Updates to the Valkyrie and Morgana Tees

We are going through our catalog and updating the images of short sleeve t-shirts using a new to us service that allows us to show our designs on a variety of human bodies.

As our tees are, for the most part, unisex this means I am including photos to represent more genders.

But in doing this I realized two of our graphics were not as inclusive as they could be.

A few years back I had an idea or a line of shirts with graphics of Legendary Women. Unfortunately, the Adobe filters I was using to create these images went away so I stopped after two. Mostly because when I switched to new art software I could not recreate the style of the first two. I had hoped to include women of color but the loss of my presets in Adobe Photoshop kinda made me flip the proverbial table.

While working on the new images though it occurred to me that I could easily change the skin tone on the two images I DID finish. This was the result.


Each page for those designs now lets you choose a skin tone.

  • Pale (which I thought was better than pastey)
  • Medium (because I didn’t want to use food as a description)
  • Dark (because that’s what it is)

(I figured 3 choices would please the Morrigan and keep me from going crazy trying to create a million new mockups.)

PUHLEEEZE tell me if there are better descriptions. I basically checked makeup sites for foundation shade names.